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Evangelos Tsoukas - CV

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Name                                      Evangelos Tsoukas

Graduated                               1994 Degree in Biology - University of Patras

Birthday                                  May 13th 1970

Address                                  Vizantiou 27 St, Kalogreza 14234 , Athens , Greece

Telephones                            home +30 210 2751586-2117002109

mobile +30 6944-788241

work +30 6979-777133

e-mail                                      evangelos.tsoukas@gmail.com

Nationality                               Greek

Marital Status                          Single

Studies                                   1990-1994

University of Patras, School of Mathematics and Physics, Biology degree

Working Experience              April 1995 - July 1996          

Laboratory of Microbiology, 414 hospital of Xanthi.


                                               July 1997 - Dec 1997          

                                               Sales and Marketing Assistant

                                               MEDISPES/Fresenius Nephrology products


                                               Dec 1997-Dec 1998  

                                               Sales Rep

                                               MSD - Cardiovascular


                                               Dec 1998-July 2002  

                                               Product Manager

                                               MSD - Cardiovascular


                                               Dec 2002-July 2003   

                                               Business Manager

                                               MSD company (Product Manager and Sales Supervisor)


                                               Jul 2003-Mar 2004          

                                               Marketing Manager



                                               Mar 2004 - May 2007          

                                               Product Manager

                                               AstraZeneca Cardiovascular


                                               May 2007 - Now                  

                                               Marketing Manager

                                               Genesis Pharma SA - Haematology

                                               (Amgen, Celgene, Shire)


Skills                              1989              

Computer science studies in? 01-Pliroforiki school.



Training in production of and treatment with haemodialysis products in Trieste

Italy by Diaco



Marketing Overview Education Program -ÌSD/Denmark



Sales Skills Seminar- VIANEX/MSD



Merck Marketing Principles Education Program - Tel Aviv.



Active Participation in Several International Business meetings organized by

MSD company.



IMS training Seminar



SEGEDIM training on the TEAMS tracking system.

Seminar on Negotiations Skills. MSD



Crisis Management and Sales force effectiveness seminar



Market Research training program organized by AstraZeneca



Clinical Studies Seminar  EEFAM

Clinical Trials Training  University of Athens



The Future of Management Seminar - Garry Hamel



Leadership Training program – ASOEE – Prof. Dimitrios Bourandas

Key Account Management Seminar – TNS - Thessaloniki


Scientific work              1993

Basic science research in the Developmental Biology University laboratory

Patras University



Participation                  1993

                                      MULTIMEDIA technology Congress – Patra



Panhellenic Congress of Biology- Volos



Panhellenic congress for the treatment of the HIV



Participation in National and International congresses on

Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases,

Pulmonology,Reumatology, Nephrology, Oncology, Haematology, Marketing



Active Participation to the organization of the Hellenic Pharmaceutical

Association Annual Congress (EEFAM)


Computer Literacy       Extensive use of Office programs (WORD, EXCEL, Power Point), and other


Languages                    Greek and English fluently


Other Interests             Meteorology, Science & Technology, Electronics, Physics, Electronic Music

Synthesis, Art Painting, Photography, Constructions


Sports                           Paragliding, member of the National Greek Team of 1998,2002,2006.

Airplane and Sailplane pilot. Holder of the Greek light Sailplane Distance



Ultralight Aircraft Pilot Licence – Instructor

Advanced Paraglider Pilot Licence

Meteorology and Cross Country flying Trainer


Sailplane Solo Pilot - Athens Gliding Club


Awards                          Best Manager MSD performance award for 2002

Best product country campaign to be implemented globally in MSD after

cerivastatin withdrawal in 2002

Best product country campaign to be used globally in AstraZeneca for 2006


References                  Mr Kostas Karipidis, chairman of Nephrotec Company

Prof. Nikolas Zagris. Developmental Biology department, University of Patras.

Prof. Moses Elisaf. Department of Pathology, Ioannina Medical School

Prof. Pavlos Toutouzas. Department of Cardiology, Athens University Medical

School (Letter of recommendation)


Web Projects               Soaring Weather Forecast Project

Advanced Soaring Tips Book

Created by Evangelos Tsoukas ©


Member of                    Hellenic Biology Society

Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Marketing

Athens and Olympos Airclub

Freedom Paragliding Team

Athens Gliding Club

Egion Aeroclub


Evangelos Tsoukas - Flight CV


He was born in the 13th of May, 1970 in Athens-Kalogreza.  Today he lives in Maroussi. He has Studied Biology in Patras University. He has been working in several fields, but since 1996 he is a Pharmaceutical Industry employee, and now he is a Marketing Manager in a Biotech company.

He is spending his limited personal time, in art painting, playing music, constructing several things. During the past he used to make different sports like sport shooting, mountain bike and other, but his passion is the flight was stronger, since 1988 when he had his first Sailplane flight in Athens Tatoi airport, as a member of Athens Gliding Club.

The next years, he became a member of Patras Paragliding Club 1993, and he was lucky to experience the explosion of this new sport inside one of the biggest relevant clubs in Greece of that period. After 1999 he became a member of Athens and Olympus Air club with which he participated in national and international flying competitions until now. In 2002, he tried Hang gliders but he wanted something more regarding performance and very fast he moved to his first love, gliding. He took his solo with Athens Gliding Club in Kopaida airport after 3 months. At the same time he flew 3 Axis ultra light airplanes, and together with his flying colleague Spiros Gonatas he bought an Ultra light motor glider with which he has tenths of thousands of dreaming hours, thousands of repairing hours and hundreds of flying hours. He is an instructor since 2008 in ultra light 3 Axis airplanes, gliders and motor gliders.

His passion with maximizing flying performance brought him close to the study of meteorology, as important attribute to achieve better safety and better flights. The hard efforts to scientifically understanding of the air mass with practical flying experience gave him the opportunity to gain and share this knowledge with other athletes, through a number of seminars organized by Freedom Paragliding School, and other clubs from Thessaloniki, Patras and others. Since 2008 he has developed a website for Soaring Weather Forecasts with information as:

The Soaring Forecast Page - http://www.sky.gr/tsoukas

Parts of a Cross Country - Theory and Praxis book-dream he is preparing  - http://www.sky.gr/tsoukas/gnosis.htm

He has flown with several flying machines with more than 3.000 flying hours, but according to his feeling, nothing is comparable to paragliding. The strong connection with nature, and close friends relationships, after 20 years in the sky, offer the ultimate soul satisfaction.

As a member of Freedom Team, he has participated in several air games since 1994, with several achievements, as:

3rd place in the National Championships 2001, 2nd place in Papadates cup 2003, 5th place in overall during Aiolia Open 2006, 2nd place in the national championship in Kitheronas 2006, 1st team place with Freedom team in 2006 and other years, 3rd place in the National Gliding Competition 2008 and other. He has been a member of the Greek National Paragliding Team, and owns the Greek Distance record with a wooden ultra light sailplane (330km 2008).

His longest paragliding flight was during 2007 in Kalavrita, where after 4 hours in the sky, he landed close to the city of Sparti, 105 km OLC and 96 km free distance. His longest sailplane flight was 330 km OLC 2008, and the maximum altitude he has achieved was 4.5 km in a wave flight above Parnassos Mountain during 2008.


Unforgettable moments? Unlimited and indescribable.

He is dreaming of the 200km paragliding flight in Greece, but lets be realistic.

If we could summarize his long term philosophy in flight this would be:

"Deathly need to fly, but do not fly to die"

"The best pilot evolution is the slow evolution; you have to identify who you are and where is your target to go"

"The flight is finished when both your feet touch the ground"