Το αλεξίπτωτο πλαγιάς στα Ελληνικά

Σεμινάριο με τον Bruce Goldsmith

olympicwingsΗ Olympic Wings ανακοίνωσε την διοργάνωση σεμιναρίου με θέμα τις πτήσεις αποστάσεων. Κύριος εισηγητής στο σεμινάριο θα είναι ο πολύ γνωστός πιλότος - συγγραφέας - σχεδιαστής - πρωταθλητής κόσμου (και άλλων κατηγοριών), Bruce Goldsmith. Το σεμινάριο θα γίνει στον Όλυμπο από 23 εως 30 Αυγούστου.

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Bruce Goldsmith 2sXC seminar with Bruce Goldsmith

Olympic Wings offers an exclusive XC seminar with Bruce Goldsmith from 23. to 30. August 2014 at Mount Olympus in Greece.
XC seminar topics:
  • Heaps of tips to help you climb fast and efficiently
    Psychological techniques to help you perform at your best
    In-depth guides to flying the flatlands and mountains
    Advice to keep you safe while flying near clouds and terrain
  • Skills and tactics to help you fly bigger cross country distances
  • Straight-forward illustrations to help you maximize flying conditions
  • Simple explanations of diverse wind and thermal flow patterns and structures
  • Insights into paragliding design. What does the modern design features mean to the XC pilot
  • Introduction and establishment of pilot levels
  • Review of pilot equipment
  • Area briefing and weather
  • Daily tasks and group flights with radio
  • Daily debrief on individual and group basis
  • Final assessment and summary

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The XC seminar is based on Bruce Goldsmith’s new book  “Fifty Ways to Fly Better”.
Bruce Goldsmith Design will have their paraglider range available for demo flights during the XC seminar.

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain range in Greece with its highest peak Mytikas at 2.917 m. The south western area of the mountain has fantastic cross country and thermalling conditions. The large flatland area of Thessaly towards the south offers a big potential for open distance and triangle XC flights. A challenging flight is the cross country towards the Aegean Sea on the eastern side of Olympus with a beach landing.

The main take-off for the XC seminar is located on the western side of Mount Olympus, on top of the village Kalivia. It is called Tourtofolia and provides take-off directions towards west, south and east at a height of 1.250 m. Several paragliding and hanggliding competitions up to world cup level have been organized here already. Alternative take-offs nearby are KEOAX, Elassona, Kalipefki.

Olympic Wings
organizes the XC seminar at Mount Olympus and offers accommodation and all transfers during the flying days for the pilots taking part at the seminar.
All necessary retrievals from XC flights are included in the transfers.
The pilots accommodation is located in the area close to the flying site with short drives to the take-off.
You can book the XC seminar together with your accommodation and transfers directly through Olympic Wings.

For bookings and any further information please contact us.

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